Building Prosperity
Research infrastructure funding provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation is contributing to world-class research and innovation at Canada's universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-for-profit research institutes.
Connect with Leading Colleges & Universities
Is Canada Slipping Down the Learning Curve?
Dr. Paul Cappon, President and CEO of the Canadian Council on Learning says that we need a national framework to make education really work in Canada
The Labour Crunch
is Coming
At current post-secondary participation rates, Canada will soon lack the highly skilled workers necessary to keep pace with retirement levels and meet anticipated job growth demands of the knowledge economy.
Canada at the Summit
Canada's colleges, universities, businesses and municipalities are forging economic alliances to take on the world.
The Life Changers
Canada's future as a nation
of innovation.
Education + Innovation
Leading thinkess turn their attention to the roll of education in Canada's economic competitiveness.
Universities: Majoring in Canada's Future
"The pace is being set around the world by countries that are investing in knowledge and innovation." Where does Canada stand in the race for knowledge?
Colleges on a Mission
The core mission of Canada's colleges and institutes is to stimulate the economic and social development of the communities they serve.
Ramping Up
Employment Skills
Choosing colleges and institutes for adult re-skilling and workforce-based training is the answer for smart businesses.
The Knowledge
"For every dollar a student invests in a college or institute education, he or she will receive a cumulative $4.57 in higher future earnings for the next 30 years."
What is an Educated
A sampling of ideas and research in the human sciences that illustrate the opportunities to become both a learning and innovative society.
New Learning for a
New Economy
Exploring learning, innovation and the relationships among them.
NASA – The Canadian Connection
Dr. Steven MacLean reflects on Canada's early role at NASA. "What if Canada had provided the w orking environment that NASA did. How would our aerospace industry have developed?"
Pulse on the Changing Climate
The focus on the impact of climate change on our environment is especially critical in northern regions where rising temperatures are causing sea ice to melt.
University of Calgary - Canadian Research Generates Innovation and Prosperity
Researchers at the University of Calgary, the Calgary Health Region and the Canadian space arm manufacturer MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates have developed a robotic arm that allows for more precision during brain surgery.
Richard Florida and Kevin Stolarick on University Ecosystems
"Universities are part of a complex ecosystem that, when successful, both nourish and are nourished by their surrounding communities".
University of Manitoba - Partners in a Pandemic
How did a medical school in the middle of Canada become a major player in the battle against HIV and Aids?